About us

Nowadays, in the age of nuclear science and technology, human beings live in a world completely different from their ancestors. Nuclear technology and its achievements have become an integral part of human livelihood and well-being these days
Among these achievements, industrial sector is one of the branches in which radioisotopes has played an important role in it, especially strategic industries such as oil, petrochemical, steel, etc
Pars Isotope-Industrial Company mainly aims at the field of industrial radioisotopes and sources production, related equipment and services in the industrial field
The company has so far taken steps to provide appropriate and efficient products and services, and this has been achieved by using modern and up-to-date technologies, specialized and skilled manpower, as well as the highest quality standards
Pars Isotope-Industrial Company committed itself to the latest technical knowledge and correct use of its applications in domestic and overseas markets
The company’s vision is to achieve all the necessary requirements, taking into account the cost reduction. In addition, achieving this goal will require empowering the relevant factories, promoting customer satisfaction and understanding the company’s progress based on the key slogan of the company’s industrial sector
Pars Isotope-Industrial
A new horizon of industry
Pars Isotope-Industrial Company’s fields of activities are
Preparation and production of industrial radioisotopes (cobalt-60, cesium-137, and iridium-192 etc.)
Upgrading and optimizing radioisotope production methods
Manufacture of equipment and nuclear measurement systems in the field of instrumentation
Design and manufacturing of personal and environmental radiation protection systems
Manufacturing of radioactive closed sources (rod, point and calibration sources), leak detection of oil pipelines
History of radioisotope production in Iran
Establishment of radioisotope production centre for supplying required products by the domestic market
Production of various industrial sources, including Iridium-192 and Cobalt-60
Establishment of Pars Isotope Company based on knowledge and technical ability in the field of production and supply of radiopharmaceuticals and industrial radioisotope sources
Declared by the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran as the only producer of radioisotope sources
Manufacturing of nuclear level gauge and densitometer, HFC and WBCM monitors
In the future: production of ceramic sources and a wider range of nuclear measurement equipment