Nuclear mold level measurement

PI01EU measuring system with PI04MD detector is used for continuous measurement of melting level in steel and iron ingots. This advanced system provides a very accurate and reliable measurement for years. This method of measuring with radiometric technology can be used for different mold types without maintenance
Device performance
This system consists of two parts, transmitter and receiver, which are located on both sides of the ingot and in front of each other. The measurement performance of the system is such that temperature, dust and vibrations have no effect on the measurement results. The detector is mounted inside an enclosure that protects the detector. These detectors are specially designed and manufactured for the metal smelting industry and offer the highest level of mechanical stability and reliability
Thermal protection
These detectors have a water cooling path and silicone cables are used to prevent thermal damage
Electromagnetic compatibility
This device can work properly in environments with electromagnetic fields, without any additional protection
Nuclear mold level measurement

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