Nuclear densitometer PI05SD

Nuclear densitometer-level Gauge systems are a type of measuring equipment that measures the desired parameters by radiometric and non-contact methods. One of the unique advantages of this nuclear device compared to other devices is that there is no limit to the shape and dimensions of the pipe or tank to be measured and this device can be installed on any type of pipelines or tanks
If the system is mounted on a tank, it is used as a point nuclear level gauge. If the system is installed on a pipe, it is used as a nuclear densitometer. By using nuclear technology in various industries all around the world, sometimes we can obtained information that is not available in any other non-nuclear ways
Nuclear measuring is typically used in situations where other non-nuclear methods such as ultrasonic, electromagnetic, radar, hydrostatic, capacitive, etc. fails. These conditions are
Extreme heat
High pressure
Excessive formation of steam and gas
Acidic, corrosive and abrasive environment
Nuclear densitometer PI05SD

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